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Company introduction

Smart construction, just IT-ONE

Based on IT One's know-how, we are continuing to conduct research and development through smart construction + IT convergence as the No. 1 future construction company. We are building smart construction sites with IT technology that is one step ahead for the safety and asset management of our customers.

 Add IT to Smart Construction

At the beginning of the future construction change is ITONE.

ITONE is a company that provides tools and methods to protect human assetsand safety through technology and contributes to society.

Since its inception in 2008, IT One has acquired ITONE's own know-how to protect customers' assets and safety with a spirit of constant challenge, and based on this, it is a smart construction company that provides services that integrate smart construction design, construction, and maintenance. ITONE has achieved technological innovationthrough IT convergence

in the rapidly developing smart construction sector

We will continue to grow as a company that presents infinite possibilities and leads the ecosystem of smart construction.

Connecting technology with people
The greatest value,
It's made by IT One.


아이티원 CI-28.png
아이티원 로고 CI 개별-29.png

Technology GREEN

아이티원 로고 CI 개별-32.png

Information Technology
Comfortable, Technology
for nature

아이티원 로고 CI 개별-30.png

Connection GREEN

Connecting Positive, Future, nature based

아이티원 로고 CI 개별-31.png
아이티원 로고 CI 개별-32.png

Human BLUE

Homo Mobilians

Leading the future smart construction ecosystem through the convergence of construction and IT technologies

ITONE leads the rapid transformation of the 4th industrial paradigm.

Corporate mission

We provide tools and methods to protect human safety and assets through technology, and we contribute to society

Corporate goal

Businesses Leading Change and Innovation for People and Businesses with Smart Construction and IT Technology of the Future

Corporate vision

Building a Smart Construction Ecosystem by Converging Construction and IT Technologies

Corporate slogan





No. 1 company to lead the future smart construction ecosystem by converging IT technology with smart construction



Integrated smart construction capable of design, construction, and maintenance by integrating IoT-based embedded system, AR, VR, XR, robot control, and RTLS technology into construction

ITONE's Smart Construction Brands Serving



Iot-based vehicle control, worker location-based, hoist safety management, mobile CCTV, smart electronic display panel, and other risk factors that may occur at construction sites in advance

Smart construction safety integrated control solution that can be identified and prevented

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